Volksentscheid Tempelhofer Feld

The 25th of May is the day were Berliners will be able to vote for or against building on the Tempelhofer Feld (along with the EU parliament, but that's for another niche blog to cover). As you may know, we think this is a very rare chance of being part of Berlins future. Since most people who have the right to vote are German, we decided to write an informative article of all the possible outcomes and the history of the Volksentscheid Tempelhof in German as well. You can scroll down for the English version if you're still interested.
19 May ’14 by Matthias Community, Other

My Tempelhof Utopia

Why Tempelhof is important to Berlin - and why it should stay an urban utopia.
26 Feb ’14 by Sara Places

Inside Tempelhof

Tempelhof is not just a park with a different story. It's quite a powerful symbol of modern Berlin. I was lucky to take part in a tour around the insides of the airport, discovering what the former American military base left inside the unused building. Let me tell you: it's as phenomenal from the inside as much as from the outside. Basketball courts and former bowling alleys, little forgotten bunkers and shelters-- had this building not been an airport, it would still be fascinating. I didn't even know the hallways were open to the public (I think you're obliged to book a tour though). 
31 Oct ’13 by Sara Architecture

Autumn in Berlin

All I see is gold! One last stroll through the Indian Summer streets and colors of our vibrant city Berlin before we go back to hibernation for 3/4 of the year...
24 Oct ’12 by Marcus Street Life

DÖGA – Serious Döner Business

We went to a trade show dedicated to the Berliners favorite fast food: Döner. Needless to say, all of our expectations were met. We could hardly resist buying all the fancy gear to slice some fine strips of meat off of a spike. This is what we do on weekends when we're bored, people.
24 Sep ’12 by Sara Events


A visit to the Schillerkiez, where gentrification and change is rapidly taking place.
27 Jun ’12 by Sara Places, Street Life

HAU Weltausstellung – The World Is Not A Fair

If you've recently visited the Tempelhofer Park you will most likely have noticed the fifteen gazebos scattered across the fields. They are part of the "The World Is Not A Fair" exhibition of the HAU (Hebbel am Ufer), an artistic project with a twist. Their program is one of self-reflected irony, putting the methods of the international Expos into the fresh perspective of subjective art.
20 Jun ’12 by Stefan Events


Impressions from Südkreuz.
25 Apr ’12 by Sara Architecture

Berlin Festival 2011

Remember when Berlin Festival was still in Tempelhof and they had James Blake play at 2pm in front of nobody? :(
11 Sep ’11 by Sara Events

Bread & Butter 2011

The Bread & Butter was sold to Zalando in 2015 and still takes place in Berlin, although it's not as exciting as it used to be anymore.
7 Jul ’11 by Sara Events

Tempelhofer Freiheit

And then there was a whole lot of nothing.
27 Jun ’10 by Sara Places