California Breakfast Slam

I revisited the famous California Breakfast Slam in 2016 after a 4-year hiatus and look at that, I overslept the best pancakes in town.
15 Jul ’16 by Sara Food

Berlin Festival 2014

Remember when I was hating on Berlin Festival? I really wish those guys were coming back, as they were still the lesser evil of Loolapalooza and other big intruders of Berlin who probably will add even less to the spirit of the cities vast music history.
8 Sep ’14 by Sara Events, Making Berlin

Bite Club Berlin

A visit to Berlins "Bite Club", one of the first food markets to dominate the scene in Kreuzberg. Ever since, many more food markets - complete with trucks and entertainment shows - have been added to the cities menu, but they all share pretty much the same characteristics and mostly also the same food trucks. Some of the food stalls have moved on from their mobile pop-ups to become real restaurants, while most of the food and drinks are definitely rather "standard choices" by 2016.
7 Aug ’13 by Sara Events

Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park

The Sowjet Memorial in Treptower Park.
18 Sep ’12 by Sara Places

Spreepark Plänterwald

Update Wednesday, 26th of March 2014: The Spreepark Plänterwald has gone back into the hands of the Senate. Promising to keep the area in the spirit of a theme / recreational park, this means that Spreepark will soon be open to the public again! Source: Tagesspiegel.
7 Jun ’12 by Stefan Places