Tape​.Tv Wahnsinn Party

by Marcus · 16.12.2010 · Events · 2 comments

you know, we still don’t get the whole concept of tape​.tv. but hey, we love to party with them. Espe­cially when you get an invit­a­tion for an event called “wahnsinn” which raised our desire for an uncon­trolled crash after a hard day of work. with an everything you want self ser­vice i don’t need to tell you that we got a little bit out of con­trol and still have to deal with the next days head vs. stom­ach vs. bath­room problems.

thanks tape​.tv for a fun night in weis­sensee and goose for a great live show. and yeah we were the groupies scream­ing in the first row! c.u. next time.

  1. ich seh nicht so aus als haette mir das ganze spass gemacht… aber wir warten mal auf das video von tapetv. :)

  2. ach. immer auf den gleichen veranstaltungen ;)