team titanic birthday party

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There are plenty small galleries around the city, off-spaces with niche-exhibitions or weirdly curated events. But not one of them has gathered such a steady, loyal and crazy cult as the Team Titanic crew did. Located on Flughafenstraße (not a very intuitive place for an offbeat gallery) and with a witty program of contemporary, transdisciplinary, experimental showcases they’ve become a magnet for everyone who’s out for a good and culturally invested time. Their eclectic show room has been full of great exhib­i­tions and trenchant artistic events in the last year, not to mention some partys that left us in a whacked out state of mind.

On Fri­day the 13th, the luck­i­est day of the cal­en­dar, team titanic invited all supporters and friends to celebrate the occassion of its first birthday. “To mark this his­toric event, a great monu­ment of the North Atlantic Ocean, never before seen in Ber­lin” was “brought on land and beheld by those brave enough to get close.” Turned out they had an iceberg melting right into the wooden panels of the showroom. team titanic? Shit is cray!

Well, the ship sank and so did all of our manners with growing consumption of liquids. The party was a blast. DJ sets by Drea and Blackcracker and performances by EASTER really did make it a wonderful night of love and joy. There’s not much to add, but do like Team Titanic on Facebook and keep up with their work to get inspired on a regular basis.

Kudos to Stefan for taking awesome pictures as always.

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