Teufelsberg — canceled artbase2012 Festival

by Stefan · 27.09.2012 · Events, Places · 6 comments

Teufels­berg has long been a very pop­u­lar “urban explor­a­tion” spot for tour­ists and wan­der­ers alike. I’ll spare you the elab­or­ate story on the arti­fi­cial hill with the listen­ing sta­tion on top of it by simply point­ing you to the rel­ev­ant Wiki­pe­dia art­icle.

But there it is now, a former US-listening sta­tion, nowadays lying in ruis but remain­ing impress­ive non­ethe­less. Like the Spree­wald, pho­to­graph­ers and street artists, writers and people who simply adore the myth of for­got­ten places, try to find their way up and in there to enjoy the view and leave their mark.

In that spirit it was just reas­on­able that the Ber­lin art­base Fest­ival 2012 was to take place there. Many artists have already left their works up on the Teufels­berg and the listen­ing sta­tion. Unfor­tu­nately, the art­base Fest­ival had to can­cel their event last minute as the local author­it­ies decided they didn’t want to “rent out” the waste­land. Quite a pity.

The spirit of the art­base is to re-interpret waste­lands and for­got­ten places like this and use them as plat­form for (urban) art of all kinds. Now that the fest­ival was can­celled there will be no pub­lic event around these leftover art­works… iron­ic­ally the whole situ­ation is now even more in the spirit of “urban explor­a­tion” and for­got­ten stuff.

But: since there are fre­quent tours (for about 7 €) it’s not impossible to see the gal­ler­ies up there. Here are a few impres­sions of what’s to find.

  1. This is a great art­icle on the spy sta­tion. I was there last year and truly enjoyed the sound and beauty of this build­ing. And also the view around it was the best in the city, just breath­tak­ing.
    Thank you for post­ing this, I can’t to go to Ber­lin and see this place again„ fin­gers crossed it’s still there 2013.

    - Gis­elle

  2. Hey hey, I went there two weeks ago and the coolest thing hap­pend: Some ran­dom Guys (call­ing them­self ten­ants”) took over the Place and tak­ing Money for “Tours” … it is great … It realy help the spirit of the Place — tak­ing money for Street-Art. The 7 Euro for “mak­ing the Place Safe” is totaly worth it!

    I love it

    My Tip: Wait after 7pm and search for holes in the fence

  3. Philip, that’s really sad. I sup­pose it wasn’t Ber­liner Unter­wel­ten, the asso­ci­ation which has exclus­ive access to sev­eral his­toric ruins. In case those guys you met don’t have an offi­cial order to do so, I guess it’s best to get their con­tact details and report them to the author­it­ies, since such tours around unsafe places might get them in big trouble. How­ever, any­one who wanders around there on their own, can only be held for tres­passing, but not for char­ging people to get them­selves in unex­pec­ted danger.

  4. Wow. It has changed a lot since I was there last. Now it looks like “The Wall” dur­ing the 80s. Hope someone can get some use out of it before it falls down.

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