THC Piece on Kochstraße

by Sara · 13.01.2012 · Kiez Life · 4 comments

One of my favorite graffiti pieces in Mitte is this THC on Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie. I used to pass it every day for three months, and every day I’d ask myself: why is this piece so clean? How come nobody ever removed it from these popular tourist attractions?

I don’t know why and I couldn’t care less; I love that it’s there. I’m not sure whether it used to be covered by a street art poster which was removed later (I found a photo of it here), or whether the poster was removed by the sprayer to do the piece…

THC Graffiti on Kochstraße
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  1. Pass it everyday !!! I guess its older than 3 years by now! It was there before that streetart poster im pretty sure. To bad the guy how made it is in prison!

  2. The Poster was a piece by french streetartist JR >> . I don´t like THC crew at all but I share your thoughts about the piece in this part of town and spot.

  3. Yeah I’m not really a fan of THC at all either but this piece is just “perfect”, even the colors match their surroundings. Thanks for the info on JR!

  4. I love the juxtaposition of the graffiti beside the perfect blue sign showing the distances to tourist spots. Very cool shot!