THC on Kochstraße

THC Graffiti on Kochstraße
13 Jan ’12 by Sara Other, Street Life
This THC piece is still visible, albeit barely.

One of my favorite graffiti pieces in Mitte is this THC on Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie. I used to pass it every day for three months, and every day I’d ask myself: why is this piece so clean? How come nobody ever removed it from these popular tourist attractions? I’m not sure whether it used to be covered by a street art poster which was removed later (I found a photo of it here), but that would explain.

Kochstraße, 10969 Berlin

Four comments

  1. Pass it everyday !!! I guess its older than 3 years by now! It was there before that streetart poster im pretty sure. To bad the guy how made it is in prison!

  2. The Poster was a piece by french streetartist JR >> . I don´t like THC crew at all but I share your thoughts about the piece in this part of town and spot.

    • Yeah I’m not really a fan of THC at all either but this piece is just “perfect”, even the colors match their surroundings. Thanks for the info on JR!

  3. I love the juxtaposition of the graffiti beside the perfect blue sign showing the distances to tourist spots. Very cool shot!