The First Snow

by Marcus · 03.12.2010 · Kiez Life · 3 comments

the first snow of the year is always excit­ing. and i’m not talk­ing about some rainy shit drop­ping out of the clouds. i mean real snow that stays on the ground. i will never miss that and all my friends hanging out in aus­tralia or sara sweat­ing in the south east asia jungle can’t tell me some­thing. this moment is magic. you wake up in the morn­ing and over night your neigh­bour­hood changed into a per­fect win­ter­world. you can’t beat it!

but liv­ing in a city like ber­lin the first snow also means some­thing else that i love — the hec­tic city life calms down. the snow absorbs the noise of the cars and all your moves get a little bit more slowly and focused. the pres­sure is taken away from the streets and you see grown up people act­ing like back in their youth when they threw snow­balls on each other. or maybe it’s just me heav­ily heart­beat­ing while stretch­ing out my tongue to catch the snowflakes.

here are some ran­dom pic­tures from our first snow day of the winter.

  1. nice and per­sonal. my berlin.

  2. well, i do have to say that i miss you guys, but i dont miss the winter just a bit so theres that.. keep on freez­ing suck­ers! ;) love the crew

  3. very nice pictures!