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The German Bundestag

The Bundestag is a visual experience recommended only if you book a tour ahead.
8 Sep ’15 by Sara Architecture

All of my classmates from school days had at least one trip to this landmark of German politics and history, except for me: I missed the trip to Berlin because I worked a three day shift in my old job as video store clerk. But hey, then I finally went. The Bundestag is super impressive and is totally worth seeing for a tourist (or Instagrammers), just skip the tours if you already know everything about it and if you don’t want to wait for 24 other people to take their pictures.

Three comments

  1. Did you get a t-shirt? :)

  2. Uhh no?! WHAT TSHIRT?

  3. After 3 years in Berlin I still have never been inside… but this might just have convinced me to try it myself! :D