THE NEW EISFABRIK Exploring an abandoned factory at Bites & Vibes by foodora

1 Jun ’18 by Sara Architecture, Events, Food
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Before long, most of our treasured industrial relicts will be gone. All the abandoned buildings, the ruins, the wasteland that were abused as projection screens for our young hearts and hopeful spirits… But thankfully, before they are transformed into new things (better things?), they are revived one last time as temporary spaces.

One of those spaces is the Eisfabrik Berlin, an abandoned complex on Köpenicker Straße. As the name implies, the location was once one of the largest artificial ice factories, but the area at the Spree has been empty and in ruins for quite a while. The prime location has been often used for legal (and illegal) raves, parties and urban exploring.

The history of the Eisfabrik Mitte

The Eisfabrik was built in 1896 as an essential pillar of Berlins exploding growth: there were no fridges in the 20th century, and people – restaurants, bars, clubs, private citizens – had to rely on ice to keep their stuff cooled.

Since 1995, the Eisfabrik had been abandoned by the original factory owner (Berliner Kühlhaus GmbH), given back to nature and decay. The idea was to take it down entirely eventually, but what’s left of its structure today will be saved and redeveloped instead – a big win for a (protected) landmark like that. The developing company is going to rename the site as “Eiswerke” to be the new home of clubs, cultural spaces, living spaces and shops.

For a while, it was nearly impossible to get back into the building (I think they locked it up and began with the brickwork in 2014, at least that’s when I was inside the premises for the last time).

Bites & Vibes by foodora at Eiswerke

For those who want to experience the incredible spot (with that magic touch of Berlin history) before it begins its new life as Eiswerke, I suggest a trip to the 3rd Bites & Vibes street food market hosted by foodora. On Sunday, June 10 2018, you can enjoy some of the best and most delicious food stalls of the city at work, in what will hopefully be a chill and sunny atmosphere right at the water.

There will be Korean Tapas from Son Kitchen and Hawaiian Poké Bowls by Pelelina, Schnitzel from Restaurant Jolesch, South Indian snacks from Chutnify and Middle Eastern fast food delights from Habba Habba. I’m most excited about Avocado Club Berlin because what is life if I can’t bathe in Avocado everyday?

Of course, no street food market is complete without a lavish program: local artists, DJs and entertainers – Vallentina Beleza and Marvin Game, to be exact – will provide the necessary background noise for a wholesome day out.

Furthermore, some of my blogging colleagues are hosting an exciting art exhibition “The art of foodporn” in collaboration with whitewall, in which influencers put their best digital food works on display.

Sign up here and enjoy the vibes!

10 Jun ’18, 12:30 pmKöpenicker Str. 40, 10179 Berlin