The photography of Jan Herdlicka

by Nico · 21.02.2012 · Kiez Life · 4 comments

Today we want to intro­duce you to the pho­to­graphy of our friend Jan Herd­licka. We met each other at uni­ver­sity and one of our first con­ver­sa­tions was about his pas­sion for the japan­ese pho­to­grapher Daido Mor­iyama and his uncom­prom­ising street-photography. Like him Jan is a sens­it­ive and silent observer in the streets of the loud and busy city. A cent­ral topic in his pic­tures is the anonym­ity of the city. The urban­ity as a social space where people get isol­ated in the middle of mil­lions. Here is a small selec­tion of his berlin-photography. Check out Jans Page for more! 

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  1. I like his style very much, both great aes­thetic com­pos­i­tion of shapes and light, and the “street feel” too. Liked it.


  2. Very inspir­ing and itu­it­ive pho­to­graphy show­ing human solitude.

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  1. […] A while ago we intro­duced you to the work of our friend Jan Herd­licka. Today we want to make sure that you take a look at his new­est pro­ject because you can actu­ally get some­thing out of it.. Being some kind of photo-blog we are deeply involved in the inter­nets never end­ing flood of images. Of course we could never do what we do without the pos­sib­il­it­ies of digital pho­to­graphy. But we although can relate to the desire to slow it down and take it off­line. Thats what Jan did. He cre­ated the “Sam­melkarten”. He prin­ted 25 of his motives with a reg­u­lar injekt printer and sticked them on 6×4 cm cards. The res­ult is just beau­ti­ful. Every pack­age comes with 5 images and if you are lucky you find a “Print” in your deck that gets you a 13×18 print! All you have to do is to like his Facebook-Page and write him a mes­sage with your adress. Dont hes­it­ate because the pack­ages are lim­ited to 50! […]

  2. […] Herd­licka, whom you may know by now from the vari­ous series that we have pub­lished on Find­ing­Ber­lin in the past, cap­tured the feel of the […]