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by Sara · 14.07.2010 · Kiez Life · 3 comments

Per­spect­ive is everything. Hav­ing my broth­ers around for a couple of days in Ber­lin made me real­ize that there are so many ways to view the city, and so many things to do that I would have recently just dis­missed as lame or ‘too touristy’. Whenever someone comes to visit, I try to fix up the per­fect plan, the best itin­er­ary to see everything pos­sible. My broth­ers? They where all “fuck that shit, let’s just go some­where”. And that was it. No straight plan, no impress­ive city guid­ance. It was tough for me, but it was good (we did ‘end up’ at the cool places any­way, hurrr).

It was a beau­ti­ful week­end (not without the appro­pri­ate amount of drama that lies within the nature of rela­tion­ships between sib­lings) and a hor­rible ride back home to my par­ents’ place in Frank­furt. I’m stay­ing here for a week of vaca­tion and I’ve been miss­ing the BLN for the past two days but I’ll try not to com­plain too much (yes, I said I would never leave the city again, but I lied. Sue me). So– what I took away from my week­end exper­i­ence? Vis­it­ors, people who’ve never been to the city, are always a chal­lenge. Not every­one likes the things about Ber­lin that I love — but there is still enough for every­one.

It’s almost never the excit­ing or spe­cial things that do it for me that do it for people who don’t know the city. For my broth­ers, tak­ing in the atmo­sphere of the mundane every­day life was over­whelm­ing enough (part of the ber­lin routine that I for­got how to appre­ci­ate: smoking weed on the street, thou­sands of people protest­ing the Medi­as­pree plans, amaz­ing bur­gers and falafel at the best places of the city, get­ting everything for cheap on easy going flea mar­kets, chilling in the even­ing sun at the Spreeufer, meet­ing cool people on the sub­way). And in the end, just roam­ing around town was bet­ter than find­ing some­thing ‘spe­cial’ or ‘typ­ic­ally ber­lin’ to do — it’s all Ber­lin. Everything goes.

That makes my broth­ers sound like very deep-spirited and in-touch-with-themselves kind of people. I can prom­ise: they’re not. My bad.

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  1. WTF! Deine Fotos sind GROSS­artigst! Wow, ich werde sie mir jetzt noch mal anse­hen und dann noch mal und .…

  2. Wun­derbare Fotos :)

  3. “i’m sorry if i have insul­ted any­one with my hor­rible, hor­rible ama­teur pictures” — Dieser kleine Absatz hat nun wirk­lich nichts mehr auf der About-Seite ver­loren. Ganz wun­der­to­lle Fotos!

    Und: ” and in the end, just roam­ing around town was bet­ter than find­ing some­thing ‘spe­cial’ or ‘typ­ic­ally ber­lin’ to do – it’s all ber­lin. everything goes.” Ein ganz wun­derbarer Satz, in dem ich mich und mein Berlin-Erleben sehr gut wiederfinde.