Tinta De La Casa

by Marcus · 10.01.2012 · Events · Comments Off on Tinta De La Casa

Clem­ens and me made a short trip to HBC yes­ter­day to see the panel dis­cus­sion of Tinta De La Casa. Under the theme “Magazines as life itself” rep­res­ent­at­ives from Dummy magazine, Der Wed­ding, Man­zine and DoY­ouR­eadMe? came together to ask itself ques­tions like “Why the hell are we doing this shit at all?” and “What is the attrac­tion of every­day life?”. It was a fun dis­cus­sion and I really liked the atti­tude of the indie magazine pub­lish­ers towards the glam magazines. At least we also feel addressed by these ques­tions and all we can say is — we just love to kick out our view on the city and the world the way we see it. An this is also what con­nects these indie print magazines to Find­ing Berlin.

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