Urban Secrets

by Sara · 23.01.2012 · Kiez Life, Places · 7 comments

The little urban secrets around the city are what keeps it alive in spirit. Although urban art has had it’s prime time a couple of years ago and is since being used (mostly) as com­mer­cial medium, there is noth­ing as excit­ing as find­ing a piece of work that is not put on dis­play quite as obviously.

Now there are many things I could say about my favor­ite spots or the most inter­est­ing pieces I’ve seen so far, but I’ll just let my and Stefans new­est find stand for itself: a little hut, some­where in Ber­lin, built from old bulk trash with a great view and a lovely atmo­sphere. I’m sure some people will be majorly thank­ful when they find a dry and some­what cozy place to stay in when the weather gets worse. But how­ever you see it, this is a really cool pro­ject with a lot of work and thought put into it. Respect!

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  1. Wie bombe!

  2. Very cool.

  3. <3

  4. Derbe Fotos!

    Von wo kommt man eigent­lich auf die Brücken rauf?

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