New York 1973 at Gleisdreieckpark

We discovered this shed in 2012. I revisited in 2014, it had already been gone - no surprises there.
23 Jan ’12 by Sara Street Life

Some graffiti kids and urban artists – I assume they’re called New York 1973, possibly connected to Yorkstraße – have built a little shed on top of the train tracks above Yorkstraße. You can reach the hut from Gleisdreieckpark. We stumbled upon it while we were taking pictures of the newly opened park.

It takes a lot of dedication to do build something like this, knowing that it’s just going to be there for a minute before the officials come and tear it down. But it’s always good to know that art lives and breathes freely in this city, even if it has to be hidden to stay intact.

Stefan, Sara

Seven comments

  1. Very cool.

  2. Derbe Fotos!

    Von wo kommt man eigentlich auf die Brücken rauf?

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