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by Marcus · 08.11.2010 · Events, Videos · 2 comments

last time i went by cab from kreuzberg all the way over to char­lot­ten­burg i had a chat with the cab driver about berlin’s eco­nomy. it was obvi­ous for us that ber­lin has dif­fer­ent rules for some­thing like that. if there is one at all you can’t com­pare it to other ger­man cit­ies and their tra­di­tional pro­du­cing indus­tries. so he claimed what was nearest for him and told me everything about how import­ant the tour­ist industry is and how ber­lin would sink to the ground like a broken ship if the tour­ists would stay away.

i agreed but insisted that there is another industry that i have in mind as one of ber­lins biggest cap­ital. it’s the cre­at­ive eco­nomy. doing some­thing in the media is a phrase that you can hear in nearly every second con­ver­sa­tion if you hang around the bars, clubs and gal­ler­ies of the city. cre­at­ing is part of the ber­lin life­style and some­thing that people can afford in dif­fer­ence to other ger­man and european cities.

the out­put is massive as well as the inspir­a­tion that reaches from the work of the streetartists up to the con­tem­por­ary art­world, from the design com­munit­ies over to the blog­gers all the way to the huge music scene. i love that and this ber­lin act­iv­ism also pushes and inspires the way I wanna work and live.

com­ing together to net­work, brain­storm and cooper­ate is one part of that cre­at­ive life­style. since the weather gets more and more autum­nal -vec­tor lounge com­bines everything a cre­at­ive brain wants. a warm place, some nice drinks, chats and of course cre­at­ive work. the concept is simple. under the theme “revolution” — four design­ers and illus­trat­ors from ber­lin and four from paris battle live online and in real­time for the best city style which you can still vote for here.

the concept is inter­na­tional. look for­ward for the next battle wich will copen­ha­gen against ber­lin decem­ber, 2nd.

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