Vegetarian and Vegan Summer Fest

Before the food markets took over Berlin, there was this little celebration of alternative culinary lifestyles.
23 Aug ’10 by Sara Events

Although there are many niche communities in Berlin that cater to many groups of people, the subject of a healthy and responsible diet is one of the lead subjects among Berliners. From Prenzlauer Berg to Charlottenburg you have all sorts of restaurants, bars and events that promote and raise awarness of a bio, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. While I’m personally not inclined to ever give up my love for meat, I was still very impressed by all the info that I could gather at the Vegetarian and Vegan summer fest at the Breitscheidplatz next to the Bahnhof Zoo.

Albeit only a small event, it was an amazingly laid back atmosphere, accompanied by good weather and chill people from every corner of Berlin as it seemed – punks, hippies, students, and folks like you and me. I fell in love with the vegan ice cream on sale, with the green touch and with that huge blow up cow. Make sure to be there next year and check out all the healthy places in Berlin if you want to reconsider your nutrition (or if you just want to try out something besides Döner and Currywurst).