Viktoriapark at the Kreuzberg

22 Nov ’12 by Sara Places
Stefan shares his pictures of Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg 61.

Victoriapark is a 12,8 hectar area on the Kreuzberg. The Kreuzberg – translation “cross mountain” – is the highest natural peak of Berlins city center. Yes, the highest. Which means Berlin is as flat as an iron board. The green park and slopes which you can picknick on are very inviting to spend a whole afternoon on top of the city.

But, besides being an interesting landmark and apparently a very important location to several wars and battles in the historic past, Wikipedia also tells me that Victoriapark has functioning vineyards! Approximately 600 bottles per year are pressed. I almost can’t believe anyone would bother to grow wine up there, but that’s just a quirky fact.

Kreuzbergstraße 1, 10965 Berlin

Four comments

  1. Der Elefant und vorallem das letzte Bild!sehr schön…

  2. Wow these are lovely! I should make an effort to get up there too :) I especially like the fisherman (neptune?) who’s caught a mermaid – his surprised expression is gold!

  3. Der Elefant ist echt geil. Undercover :P

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