We Are Neukölln

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Rahaman, Herkunft: Indien, Geschäft: Namaste, Seit: 2005

Gentri­fic­a­tion is like cli­mate change. Its so obvi­ous that every­body talks about it all the time but noth­ing hap­pens. That leads to people get­ting annoyed by the topic, so they even­tu­ally start to ignore it. Gentri­fic­a­tion is in the media, in polit­ics, in rap-songs and on house-walls but most of the time the debates exclude those who really have to take the con­sequences; whose lives change because of the com­plex pro­cess which mostly gets reduced to a super­fi­cial dis­cus­sion about “the hip­ster”. Kath­ar­ina Fitz takes a subtle approach to the topic. In her ongo­ing series “We are Neuk­ölln” she por­traits the shop own­ers along­side Karl-Marx-Straße. Her pic­tures explore the ambi­gu­ity of Neuk­ölln and make the people vis­ible that are deal­ing with the pres­sure of a chan­ging envir­on­ment. Check out Kath­ar­i­nas other works : www​.kat​-fitz​.com

Max, Herkunft: Ghana, Geschäft: Max’s Afro-Shop, Seit: 2007

Anonym, Herkunft: Deutsch­land, Geschäft: Be-Kas Sexothek, Seit: um 1970

Ping, Herkunft: China, Geschäft: Asia-Laden, Seit: 2001

Unbekannt, Herkunft: Deutsch­land, Geschäft: die Per­ücke, Seit: 1971

Sulei­man, Herkunft: Libanon, Geschäft: El Man­ara, Seit: 2008

Tobi, Herkunft: Deutsch­land, Geschäft: Wodarz Waf­fen, Seit: 1936

Sales­man at the Roll­ber­ger fleamarket

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  1. Won­der­ful art­icle, Nico.

  2. end­lich mal ein richtig guter Artikel mit tollen Fotos

  3. Oh man, I so love this.

  4. Won­der­ful series! I love see­ing all these shop own­ers & their stores. Two wig shops — hilarious.