We Are Neukölln

by Nico · 15.04.2013 · Kiez Life, People · 4 comments

Rahaman, Herkunft: Indien, Geschäft: Namaste, Seit: 2005

Gentrification is like climate change. Its so obvious that everybody talks about it all the time but nothing happens. That leads to people getting annoyed by the topic, so they eventually start to ignore it. Gentrification is in the media, in politics, in rap-songs and on house-walls but most of the time the debates exclude those who really have to take the consequences; whose lives change because of the complex process which mostly gets reduced to a superficial discussion about “the hipster”. Katharina Fitz takes a subtle approach to the topic. In her ongoing series “We are Neukölln” she portraits the shop owners alongside Karl-Marx-Straße. Her pictures explore the ambiguity of Neukölln and make the people visible that are dealing with the pressure of a changing environment. Check out Katharinas other works : www.kat-fitz.com

Max, Herkunft: Ghana, Geschäft: Max’s Afro-Shop, Seit: 2007

Anonym, Herkunft: Deutschland, Geschäft: Be-Kas Sexothek, Seit: um 1970

Ping, Herkunft: China, Geschäft: Asia-Laden, Seit: 2001

Unbekannt, Herkunft: Deutschland, Geschäft: die Perücke, Seit: 1971

Suleiman, Herkunft: Libanon, Geschäft: El Manara, Seit: 2008

Tobi, Herkunft: Deutschland, Geschäft: Wodarz Waffen, Seit: 1936

Salesman at the Rollberger fleamarket

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  1. Wonderful article, Nico.

  2. endlich mal ein richtig guter Artikel mit tollen Fotos

  3. Oh man, I so love this.

  4. Wonderful series! I love seeing all these shop owners & their stores. Two wig shops – hilarious.