When Thugs Cry — Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam

by Marcus · 20.07.2012 · Events · 4 comments

There are parties and then there are parties from which you wake up in the morn­ing think­ing “what happened, where am I and why do I have stick­ers plastered all over my face?” In the lat­ter case, it’s prob­ably the best if you resort to not ask­ing any more of these ques­tions and just get on with your life as if it never happened. Except: in todays day and age, every­one and their mother sports the best cam­era in their pock­ets. So expect to see your­self wil­ing out with your top off on someone else’s back with a Vodka bottle in your hand and an expres­sion on your face that resembles a dam­aged animal.

But don’t worry, we decided not to dish out any of the goods from last nights Mus­chi Kreuzberg party. We would lose too many friends with our por­trayal of bes­ti­al­ity. Instead, we focused on the real deal of the night: Proberaum Anti­fresh­ness’ first live gig in full power mode. The girls went wild. The thugs cried. Ger­man rap was brought back home. Thanks to every­one for a great party and for look­ing hot as always.

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  1. Beste!

  2. Haha, da hät­test du mich fast mit Komet drauf gehabt. noch­mal Sch­wein gehabt ;)

  3. Werber-Party deluxe und alle auf koks. euch fällt auch nichts mehr ein.

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