When Thugs Cry – Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam

by Marcus · 20.07.2012 · Events · 4 comments

There are parties and then there are parties from which you wake up in the morning thinking “what happened, where am I and why do I have stickers plastered all over my face?” In the latter case, it’s probably the best if you resort to not asking any more of these questions and just get on with your life as if it never happened. Except: in todays day and age, everyone and their mother sports the best camera in their pockets. So expect to see yourself wiling out with your top off on someone else’s back with a Vodka bottle in your hand and an expression on your face that resembles a damaged animal.

But don’t worry, we decided not to dish out any of the goods from last nights Muschi Kreuzberg party. We would lose too many friends with our portrayal of bestiality. Instead, we focused on the real deal of the night: Proberaum Antifreshness’ first live gig in full power mode. The girls went wild. The thugs cried. German rap was brought back home. Thanks to everyone for a great party and for looking hot as always.




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  1. Beste!

  2. Haha, da hättest du mich fast mit Komet drauf gehabt. nochmal Schwein gehabt ;)

  3. Werber-Party deluxe und alle auf koks. euch fällt auch nichts mehr ein.

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