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by Sara · 02.04.2012 · Escapism, Kiez Life · 7 comments

While we’re still EXCESSIVELY busy pre­par­ing the relaunch of Find­ing­Ber­lin (I really can’t sum­mon how many times I’ve said that already), we still want to give our read­ers little things to be excited about. Today we have a very very spe­cial gift out to one of you: if you’re in Europe, and if you want to come over for a while, this is for you.

Room­Surfer, a new way of social trav­el­ing, have arranged a little treat for you. In a nut­shell, this is how it works: all of your interests and the things that you want to do on your vaca­tion or short trip will be con­sidered and Room­Surfer will find the per­fect host for you to spend your time with. Need more explan­a­tion? Check out their intro­duc­tion video:

Alright, so now here’s where the fun part begins: Room­Surfer is spon­sor­ing you a trip to Ber­lin. How LONG you’re going to stay is fully up to you, but the trip starts on the 28th. You’ll have a place to stay for one night, get to be part of a city tour, a din­ner and a party — so from the 28th til the 29th of April, you’re in good hands. Your flight back can be on the next day or in the next week, you’ll be able to arrange that with the gen­er­ous people who’re spon­sor­ing this sweet surprise.

How to win? All you need to do is show or tell us why you should win. Leave a com­ment on our Face­book page or under this post­ing with a valid email adress so we can get back to you. If you’re in Ber­lin, please spread the word to your European friends — they might want to come and join you for the 1st of May party!

(There is one con­di­tion though: you have to be some­where in Europe, best if you’re near one of these cit­ies so the flights can be arranged eas­ily. Sorry for all of our friends from out­side of Europe).

By the way: Room­surfer is a Start Up from Ber­lin which we’re really happy to sup­port. This is a heavy mix of “stay local” and “think global”.

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  1. want it, need it, know you :)

  2. I already live in Ber­lin. But great chance for all the people who want to go there! Good luck!

  3. My last chance to fly to Tegel Air­port. I would very much appre­ci­ate that!

  4. because I live only once!

  5. Per­fect as a 30 Years Old BIRtH­DaY­GiFt …it would be my birth­day week-end (born the 26 of April) :D… I’m in love with Ber­lin just come back from it and already booked my next visit. So much thinks to see…to do…party,culture,expo,so muche craziness,love,creativity in that city <3

  6. I lived in Ber­lin for 3 months last year, it was so hard but in the same time so won­der­ful, I learned so much about myself. Ber­lin helped me to grow and see the strength I have. I met so many good people over there that I would love to see again.. So win­ning this trip would really mean a lot to me.

  7. I’ve always wanted to visit Ber­lin! I wanna Win!!