1 Corona Year

I admit I have nothing substantial to add to the Corona conversation. The pandemic has made me quit my job (twice) and I am now the happy owner of a Playstation (the old one).


I’ve been taking the same walk since March, in a sort of Sisyphean Spaziergang, an endless loop around the Landwehrkanal.

On my way, I might pick up a bottle of natural at Dion’s or Lodje & Stijn or St. Bart or at Facciola’s and grab some bread too, or I’ll have an Iced Latte at La Maison, but I’ve not yet made it to Barra’s supreme Fried Chicken sandwich, which are apparently sold out half an hour after the shop opens (and, allegedly, the best fried chicken you can get in Berlin).

I meet the same people over and over again and that’s totally okay, I always love running into them.


I work 4 hours a day for a while, I still have a few leftover vacation days, and I decide not to go on holiday despite the swift recovery of the continent. Of course, the continent did not really recover, but I don’t know that and I don’t really care either.

We drive to the lakes and we visit the Uckermark, and it feels grown-up. It feels as if we’re 20 again and there are no responsibilities tying us to a functioning economy. I have time. I realize how privileged I am. I don’t have kids, I don’t have to go to work (I mean technically, I do, but it’s okay if I don’t), I can just let everything happen. I decide to go back to work, still, and I hate it, so I just quit. Is this a taste of freedom? And who needs money when you’re in a lockdown?

For a while I wanted to stay in this weird comfort zone forever. I call it post-corona anxiety. Does everything have to go back to normal? I kinda like it here. I felt guilty.

I set up a video streaming server for my friends and call it “Lockdown TV”, but it doesn’t really work, and also, it’s highly illegal.


The biggest thing that happened this year is that someone created Gorillas, a grocery shopping app for few select neighborhoods that delivers in 10 (!) minutes or less, and of course, the Berliner Mietendeckel, although I don’t really profit from it. I don’t want to profit, I don’t want to sue my Vermieter, I don’t want to fill out forms. Anyway, if you want to try Gorillas, use my promo code and get 5 € for your first order: SC188591.

I don’t miss traveling. I don’t miss partying. But I think that I’m only feeling positive about it because nobody else gets to do these things, either. Everyone level with me!

What will happen to Berlin? I hope that some of the currently unaffordable commercial real estate becomes tangible again, so new things can grow on this massive graveyard of culture, gastronomy and lifestyle next year.


We spend Christmas here anyway, because that’s when all the Zugezogene leave for home and there are many parking spots available.