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Stay on top of Westberlin at the 25hours Hotel

published on 2014-02-13 by Sara
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I like the 25hours concept. Essentially, the hotel is a boutique hotel, a very specific niche of mid to high budget hotels with certain aesthetic elements. It’s not exclusively about good service or feeling at home anymore, but about complementing the environment by considering the history of the location and of course, the expectations of the guests.

The new Bikini Berlin Hotel is a massive temple of coolness

First of all, their design, interior design, service, food –  everything screams “urban”, and they’re doing it well. Their ideas completely fulfill what a young and bright new hotel should have to offer, not just rooms, but amusement. A bar, parties, concerts, a lobby, bakery, free Mini rental, an exclusive (and regularly updated) Berlin guide along with a monthly magazine. The franchises (in Frankfurt, Vienna and other German speaking cities) are very individual and each has its own name and concept.

Their rooms aren’t exactly spacious, at least not where I stayed overlooking the Zoo. The actual zoo! It’s crazy how many animals can be heard, although while it was snowed in, I didn’t see much. The rooms are clean, new and fresh, but if you’re traveling together you should be comfortable with open showers.

Apart from that, it’s not exactly the rooms that make your stay so memorable. Instead, it’s the rest of the hotel. It incorporates the best things of a hostel (many social hotspots to meet other people) with the privacy and sense for design of a boutique hotel. That said, it’s much larger than just a boutique hotel.

NENI & Monkey Bar

The rooftop restaurant Neni and the Monkey Bar offer a wonderful view over the – admittedly poor – Berlin skyline. Dining out at the Israeli restaurant NENI should be recommended anyway, as the food is impeccable (although, in typical hotel fashion, absolutely overpriced for Berlin – I can get a better plate of hummus for a quarter of the price on Sonnenallee for sure). Monkey Bar can get seriously overcrowded, but the drinks are good and unlike in many other bars, you can actually pay by credit car here.

The Bikini Hotel seems to be more than just a hotel. It could become the new hotspot for Westberlin, something already established in Mitte around Alexanderplatz; what with all the galleries, the boutique shops and creative lunch spots. Usually you’d suspect the young crowd to establish from the ground up, but the Bikini Mall and the 25hours Hotel might just be what the Zoo has been missing: a social institution that can use the given conditions in its favor instead of squeezing itself into already overcrowded territory.

Well, Charlottenburg, the Ku’Damm, Tauentziehen, the Zoo – they’re all respectively unique and amazing areas to discover. I’m intrigued by a hotel with that kind of customer base to place itself so far away from the actual hotspots of the city (those that Berlin is famous for amongst the creative class anyway).


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