I like the 25hours concept. Essentially, the hotel is a mainstream hotel with boutique features; an approachable and affordable temple of coolness.

The franchises across different cities in Germany (and now Switzerland and Vienna, too) are all adapted to their environment in design and style. That makes every hotel of the 25h brand unique, although certain elements do re-appear every now and then. The rooms are on the cozy side of spacious, and one thing I universally detest are open room showers and bathrooms. Can you just… not?

The view over Tiergarten does kind of make it better, though.

NENI & Monkey Bar

The rooftop restaurant Neni and the Monkey Bar offer a wonderful view over the – admittedly poor – Berlin skyline. Dining out at the Israeli restaurant NENI should be recommended anyway, as the food is impeccable (although, in typical hotel fashion, absolutely overpriced for Berlin – I can get a better plate of hummus for a quarter of the price on Sonnenallee for sure). Monkey Bar can get properly overcrowded, but the drinks are solid. I guess it’s a typical hotel bar.

I would recommend staying at 25hours if you’re on a short Berlin stint and looking to spend your time in the more commercial areas of Berlin, or at least close to the high street shops and nearby public transport.

Monkey Bar

View onto the zoo from 25hours
View onto the zoo
Open showers


Wonderful middle eastern cuisine at NENI




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