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Berlin Summer 2010

published on 2010-10-02 by Sara
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Last winter sucked. We all remember the thick layers of snow that lasted until April and the freezing temperatures that set onto our city. Most of us can  vividly live through a moment where we thought we’d die from the cold. Many times did I promise myself I would never leave the house again. When spring eventually came around – way too late and definitely too short – I was so infected by all the positiveness induced by the insane change of weather, I decided I’d make it the best summer I’d ever have. And not just that, but I’d continue to bathe in sunshine for the next full year too. Shortly after, I booked the first leg for my world trip starting this Sunday. Tomorrow.

My aim – to have the best summer of my life – exceeded expectations. When I started the Finding Berlin project, I was already strolling through the city with my camera, trying to discover places I’d never been and unveil parts of the mystery that surrounded Berlin. I met many people on my way – some of you have become close friends, others have always continued to support me from afar. When I met Marcus (from DT64), Finding Berlin finally seemed complete – not only did we add a new medium to the website, I could now leave without neglecting what’s happening around our beloved capital: Marcus is taking over for all your Berlin needs. Here are the highlights of our endless 2010 Berlin summer.

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