It happened to me when I moved to Berlin six years ago, that I wanted to go to a lake on an extremely hot summer day. So I decided to go for a swim in one of Berlin’s lakes, I did a quick search on google and before you knew it I was on my way to Grunewald lake with another new Berliner. We packed a bag, took some towels, a bikini and our bikes. It was only when we actually got there we realised that this is not a swimming area for humans but for mans best friend: dogs.

So last weekend we decided to go there again with Martin, Nadine and their cute little dog Yebo, aware this time that we would be entering what was known on earth as probably THE most exciting dog playground in Berlin.

We parked the car and walked through the forest of the beautiful renaissance Grunewald castle which currently shows an alluring Cranach exhibition, entering the courtyard of the enchanting place we met the first family with a Weimaraner dog and we started taking some photos, portraying dogs and their owners.

We walked a few meters down the forest to the picturesque sunny beach and approached a tattooed girl who offered us beer, cigarettes and bread with cheese straight away as all of her friends didn’t show up that day so she didn’t want to carry home all the supplies. Lucky for us we didn’t need to think it through so much and sat down next to her and her lovely Bullterrier and Boxer.

We started taking more pictures of the graceful, open minded owners with their dogs, so we met Denis and his dog Kato aka Mightystaffs Doc Holliday, a rare powerful Staffordshire Bullterrier. Most of the people were quite shy at the beginning but when Martin started to take pictures they started feeling more comfortable and proud of their relationship, so the pictures got better and better.

Out of the 20 people we asked to photograph only one woman came to us and asked us to please stop taking pictures of her dog, maybe she was jealous and felt left out that we hadn’t asked her, or her dog was a superstar and wanted to stay incognito – we just didn’t know.

We had such a blissful day at Grunewald and felt good and positive energy from all these dogs playing with each other, going swimming or just running around and smiling. Yes, dogs can smile, that’s what we know now. It is simply amazing that all different kinds of people living in Berlin come together in one place for the sake of their beloved dogs, sharing stories and experience, being happy for some hours.

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  1. What lovely pictures! We can see and feel the particuliar bond each of those humans have with their animals. Make me want to have a dog too :D
    I did not know such a place existed in Berlin, especially in Grunewald, area that I though was always a bit… bourgeois.

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