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A Ringbahn Tour

published on 2012-03-26 by Sara
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We have to thank the Ringbahn for many things: one, being a very easy way to travel around Berlins outskirts. Second, for actually defining what Berlins outskirts are. Everything beyond the Ring is out of the city; the “Metro-Area”.

There was a posting on our favorite Berlin Blog SlowTravelBerlin, an Ode To Berlins’ S-Bahn, which I think you should all read to understand more about the infrastructure of the city. Here’s a little excerpt:

Cities like London and Paris were already massive metropolises by the time trains arrived in Berlin, meaning that big ideas like high-speed overground railways encircling the city or cross-town link schemes were already de-facto impossible. From the inception of railways, it took Paris over 100 years to start linking its main termini with proper trains; London is only just moving on Crossrail this year.

In Berlin, things were essentially the other way round. The hugely practical Ringbahn that draws a circle around the city centre was built in the 1870s on what was essentially greenfield land; Berlin’s growth spurt only really got going after they’d built it. In other cities, railways were bolted on as afterthoughts; in Berlin, they grew with.

For us though, the Ringbahn is not just a very significant cultural and historical object, it is also that one train track where you’ll always fall asleep after partying and end up riding around in circles.

Stefan, who apparently loves the Ringbahn just as much as I do, spent a whole cycle on the train for a unique Berlin perspective.

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