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Mauerpark: A Sunday Kind of Love

published on 2010-10-06 by Sara
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Berlin Prenzlauer Berg is not my regular place to be. Not that I don´t like it over there but my lifestyle is more Kotti D´Azurright now. There is just this one day of the week I somehow feel very connected to this perfect little world. It´s the Sunday. When I´m not in a club, I love to sneak arround the streets of P´Berg.

On a Sunday I become that classical flâneur. When I think about flâneurs I always have this 1920s picture in my mind. People walking through the streets in their finest clothes, have a coffee here, soak up the lates gossip there and discover the new developments in the city. Yeah! That´s my Sunday Alter Ego.

Maybe it´s because Prenzlauer Berg with all it´s nice facades, cafés and playing children is my substitude for the warm apple pie my mum always made for us on Sundays. It´s like I´m getting wrapped up in a warm blanket while lying down on the couch sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.

Beyond this relaxed street athmosphere Mauerpark became the Berlin Disneyland. Next to the big fleamarket (I think this will take a different post) all kind of self-exposers, artists, musicians and street kitchens developed itself arround it´s epicentre bearpit karaoke and it´s courageous singers.

Sitting there in the sun with a couple of friends and watch the people passing by is my kind of trip to the countryside and so Prenzlauer Berg got somehow my “sunday kind of love“.

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