Abandoned hospital Neukölln

Update: The empty buildings of the former women’s and children’s hospital in Neukölln, which had been vacant since 2005, was  rotting on both sides of the Mariendorfer Weg for long enough. At the end of 2014, the Petruswerk Katholische Wohnungsbau- und Siedlungsgesellschaft (Avila Group) acquired the approximately 36,400 square meter site north of the street. With the laying of the foundation stone of the “St. Marien residential park” in September 2016, work finally began on the new construction of apartments and the renovation of the historic buildings of the former women’s sanatorium. Now 460 rented apartments are nearing completion.

The Neukölln Hospital: some of the buildings were built in the years 1913 to 1917 as a gynecological clinic, extensions were added in the 60s and 70s. Vivantes had its buildings here until 2005. Operation was discontinued in 2005.

In the following years, the site became neglected. Parties were celebrated, homeless people found shelter  and the fire brigade had to come in several times to the Neukölln Hospital. Since then, a fence was built around the premises. That didn’t deter us from entering the site.

There we enjoyed the creepy atmosphere of an abandoned hospital without discovering anything new – graffiti and trash, some BBQ leftovers, and even a designated “toilet area” (seriously) hinted at permanent residents. I think I saw someone shaking their covers out of the window above me. Not sure I’d want to live here…

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