The MyFest street festival was considered a failure after its inception. It was established as clever barrier between the peaceful residential neighborhoods and the rioting protests that had become a tradition in the left-wing oriented Kreuzberg 36 district.

In 2011, these protests did not turn into riots. Instead, many people from all over the world united on Oranienstraße and around Görlitzer Park to celebrate their bank holiday on the 1st of May of 2011.


5 thoughts on “ MyFest 2011 ”

  1. Boah das essen war sooooooo gut! Ich hätte am liebsten alles gegessen! Aber war echt schon viel 1.Mai-Tourismus Deluxe…

  2. fucking great series! absolutely representative for what is going on there year after year and it felt so good without violence this year :)

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