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Arcade Fire at Michelberger’s Tiki-Taka

published on 2014-06-19 by Sara
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The Spanish football team seems to have had enough of the usual Tiki-Taka and decided to take an early break from the World Cup while the rest of us are just coming up to get the party started! So Tiki-Taka it is, and of course, where else would we be but at the gloriously decorated courtyard of the Michelberger Hotel? We’ve already covered the exceptional location in our Public Viewing list the last time, but this time, I’m keen on proving why it’s really worth a visit.

The hotel, known for its awesomeness, has one-upped every public viewing location of the city by adding a live and cooking program to the football menu. Last night, after the official Arcade Fire concert at Wuhlheide, the band came by to play some of their favorite tracks on stage for a semi-secret gig. Before, Eli from Soulclap hosted the evening. When the band members of Arcade Fire took over the DJ booth (and later on the stage, which I missed because I overdosed on the Fountain Of Youth coconut stuff that the Michelberger produces, which I love, but I didn’t know two liters could kill you), the courtyard was already packed with people, all of them eager to hear their favorite band play THEIR favorite bands.

Picture by @miss_mcdayen

Anyway, this is just a little taste of the Michelberger program during the World Cup, proving that football can incite more ideas and creativity than just the usual Rostbratwurst, Bier and Public Viewing in ugly team jerseys. I know I’ve been sounding like a groupie but it’s a good thing this city still has sovereign locations that prove, time and time again, that it’s worth being loyal to its visitors and guests.

A big shout out goes to Blacklane Limousines also who treated us with a tour around Berlin before we headed to the concert for our lovely evening. If you ever need an idea for a birthday present, a first class ride and a night at Michelberger should seal the deal!


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