A couple of months ago a Korean food restaurant opened up on Reichenberger Straße next to where I live. It looks like it’s been there since the 70’s: a shabby, worn-out, completely undecorated place that smells and looks a bit dodgy.

As you can probably imagine, the interior design – or rather, the lack thereof, and any design or effort at all – is one of the main reasons for why it has attracted my attention.

ARIRANG TWO [1. As the name already suggest, ARIRANG 2 is the second installment of a newly founded franchise that started out in Wedding and moved to Charlottenburg last year.] is that affair that you had in your twenties and still cringe about. It was a cheap, spontaneous thrill, probably due to being extremely intoxicated OR for lack of better options, a convenient thing without commitment and always on-hand in desperate times.

This is not marriage material. But it’s comforting and, if handled with extreme care, can make you feel really good. But beware: it can also make you feel disgusting, because it evokes no emotions, is mediocre at best and crashes your confidence within half an hour after consumption.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to serve Korean BBS and an open kitchen in a a space like this deserves a very special place in hell.

ARIRANG TWO knows two extremes only: either completely and helplessly overcrowded or eerily empty like a haunted house. Don’t even try to go when it’s full. You will wait for hours and hours. You wait for hours in hours in a vile and possibly health-threatening atmosphere of reeking lard. Your hair, your clothes, your shoelaces, your teeth, everything will smell like dead NYC rats.

But I love the food and the matching prices. It’s around 6,50 for a bathtub of Bibimbap, and it’s not the worst Bibimbap, it’s perfectly fine Bibimbap (if you don’t ask where the meat is from). The Ketchup-Chicken and the Kimchi-Soup are also worth a try. The completely overpriced but absolutely perfect MELONA ice cream they have in store throughout the whole year? ARIRANG TWO is the Prisma Pavillion of Korean food: perfectly imperfect.Enjoy the food. There’s really nothing else to do here. You have no other choice but to devour the meals and adore the spices, as any disappointment will lead to a failed experience. It’s the attitude that counts! Slightly better than average Korean food is still better than no Korean food!

2 thoughts on “ [Closed] ARIRANG Two ”

  1. I was thrilled to discover Arirangtu in the neighbourhood because I was happy to get a fix of Korean food whenever I needed it, but now, that the excitement wore off, I don’t really get the hype anymore. Sure, its authentic interior is nice and such, but the smell is horrible and nothing a guest should have to bear with. The food is okay for the price, but not good – but maybe it’s just that I need to get past their underwhelming bibimbap, way too fatty haemul pajeon and (at least sometimes) not fresh banchan. Is there anything else on the menu that’s really worth to wait for a couple of minutes and take home?

  2. Strange I really like this place! I am only eating the vegan stuff so my experience is limited, but it tastes good and authentic to me.

    And I personally like the cheap looking interior. Maaaaaah has just opened up near my place in Neukölln and it’s way over-priced compared to this place.

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