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Ars Electronica: Impetus and Movement

published on 2012-07-17 by Sara
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I want to emphasize the new Ars Electronica exhibition at the VW Automobil Forum Unter den Linden. It is more than just a “come in and just sit and watch” type of exhibition. Going by the motto “Impetus and Movement“, the whole exhibition invites the spectator not only to commit to seeing, but to experiencing and feeling.

Prepare to be scientifically stunned: everything is movement here. From the popular viral videos exhibited to the fascinating body works of the Parcours passionates. Some of my favorite pieces of moving art was a miniature train that went around a landscape of office supplies in the dark. With its attached light it threw an amazing shadow of a practically “grown up” city scape on the wall.

None of our other habitats, in order to make peaceful coexistence possible at all, necessitates such a complex composition of how human beings live together—a set of rules that circumscribes every aspect of our lives but at the same time opens up behavioral latitude to the greatest extent possible. One that defines itself as a commitment to every person’s right of self-determination, but that also demarcates clear boundaries. However, this container, so to speak, that is the sum of all conceivable compromises must never be capped and sealed; it has to be understood as an ongoing process that is made to keep moving by applying one new impetus after another. If that doesn’t occur or does to an insufficient extent, resistance arises.(- taken from the Ars Electronica website)

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