Just like Sara, the mastermind behind this site here, I also have a lot of love to give for all kinds of Asian food. And I also love eating as many different dishes as possible when I eat out. But as some of you might know: ordering five main courses can get a little pricey. So when the guys from Mandy’s bar told me they also happen to own Dr. To’s, an ASIAN TAPAS place, I was more than ready to try that one out too.



When getting the menu, you’re hit in the face with more than twenty different options, nicely listed in groups like The Meadow (red meat), The Waters (fish and seafood) and The Skies (poultry). But don’t worry, there’s a super nice waiter or waitress ready to help you understand what all those tasty-sounding words mean and is quick to offer some recommendations. I am not going to list everything we ordered here, but make sure you won’t miss out on the dumplings, the Asian ceviche with salmon and coriander and the braised pork belly, which I was repeatedly told is the best ever and, surprise, also happened to be the best ever. Oh, and also matcha ice cream as the dessert always works for me.


Another good thing about eating at Dr. To’s: it can work as some kind of therapy session. When I was growing up, my older sister and I  often had to share food, which was – and still is from time to time – one of the most horrifying things for me to endure. The thought of not getting enough and having to be hungry was just too much for me to handle, so fear usually lead to fights (it’s called Futterneid in German and it’s a real thing). But eating at Dr To’s, sharing with your date or friends actually is a GOOD thing, because there’s a reason the food is called Asian tapas: these portions are small. So just go on and order as many different things as you can, spread them on the table and feel your friendly bond growing even stronger while sharing Chinese and Japanese delicacies.