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Atomkraft Wegbassen!

published on 2010-09-24 by Sara
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Berlin, throughout its vast loaded chapters of history, has always been a magnet for politically inclined people. But it’s not just the nerds who care the most here: with all of its charm and the dark side of the past, even our German Wasted Youth likes to get drawn into politics and discusses current events with a fierce passion unknown to the rest of the Bundesrepublik. But what gives? What made Berliner political events as popular and exclusive as they are today?

Take the 1st of May, Christopher Street Day or the most famous, the largest and the king of all political parades: The Loveparade. The Loveparade was the beginning of a political era that would distinguish itself from everything its seen before. It was not merely about getting a point across: it was being loud, having fun, and it was raving for a reason. To be on the streets and to show everyone what it was all about, to express the freedom those Berliners had fought for so hard. Maybe even to say: these are our streets, and this is what we want.

Nowadays in Berlin, preparing a demonstration means gathering popular DJs on cool floats and thinking up the cleverest banners you can think of to provoke the onlookers. It means partying hard on the streets, for everyone (especially those politicians) to see. It means: if we can’t get people to listen to what we have to say, then we might just as well dance and play our music so loud, they’ll HAVE to come and see.

As for me, personally, I love the demonstrations in the summer; they’re open air, they’re free, they happen for a reason and they attract a very mixed crowd from Antifa to Families to those Professional Party People. Last weeks Atomkraft Webgassen Demo at the Regierungsviertel was the ultimate contrast between political motivation and partying like it’s just another rave… thanks to Marcus for pumping out an amazing video as always.

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