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Auckland is nice, but Wellington is my Kiwi-love!

published on 2013-10-25 by Sara
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On my recent travels to New Zealand I spent most of my time driving through the country and down the picturesque coastlines. I had not intended to spend much time in the cities – there’s enough of them on our little continent here anyway – but I was wrong to underestimate the urban parts of the country. Especially the contrast between the two largest cities on the Northern Island, Auckland and Wellington, is exciting and worth a closer look.

Auckland is all business-type, and in some ways, it reminded me of Frankfurt: if you know where to go it’s pretty easy to get around, as a tourist, it might seem a bit like a generic experience in a Western metropolis. Sleek and clean, and best traveled with a car. We opted for a tour on the back of a Harley instead- the springtime weather and mesmerizing light made it a worthwhile adventure.

Aucklands Skyline





Auckland being the first stop on the list, I was eager to see what the rest of the country had to offer, and so my road trip to the Coromandel continued on until it was time to travel to Wellington, New Zealands cultural and political hub.

Wellington is quite the opposite of Auckland. It may not have that impressive skyline but it feels like Berlin in spirit (or Melbourne, too). Wellington is a place to explore. Just take a walk on Cuba Street and see for yourself the bars, restaurants, cafés and galleries lining up, with plenty of different multicultural influences to discover.

My first impression was that Wellington looks as if Lisboa and Berlin had a baby that dresses in a weird English fashion and likes to watch American High School movies. It’s charming, and I instantly fell in love with the aesthetics, the exceptionally great coffee, and definitely the laid-back “hang lose” attitude of the people here.

The realization “I’m in New Zealand” only slowly threads its way through my conscience while I’m hanging out in the sunshine at the harbor; this could be somewhere in Europe, except with infinitely better Sushi. Trust me, if you love food, Wellington is the place to be. Apparently there are more cafés and restaurants per capita than in NYC.

I would have loved to spend more time in Wellington, but alas, the trip had to be continued. Good Bars like Matterhorn might be flashier than their counterparts in Berlin, but live venues like the Mighty Mighty make up for it in charm.

You will probably get a decent coffee anywhere in the city, but my favorite stop was at the Hangar, where I couldn’t resist buying some of their beans.   

Snacks & Coffee at Midnight Espresso
Street Art is considered an actual art here, considering the intense murals scattered across the city
Matterhorn Terrace
Cuba Street
Sushi at Kaizu on Tory St.
Live Gig at the Mighty Mighty on Cuba St.
Downhill biking Makara Peak with BikeWellington
Tuatara: Wellington brewed speciality

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