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Audi Urban Cinema 2015: Recap

published on 2015-07-06 by Sara
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On the nicest and sunniest day of the year so far, we were picked up in a silent Audi E-Tron (that cheeky driver really had us enjoy the ride) to enjoy an evening of my favorite things: hot cars, hot babes and hot popcorn! This years Audi Urban Cinema managed to surpass the 2014 event (read about it here). It was even sunnier, even cozier and even prettier.

The whole evening couldn’t have been more perfect, especially because I was accompanied by my good friend Isabelle. She combines many very important strengths that I appreciate about people: she’s really funny, really good looking and she’s friends with me voluntarily. Jackpot! We hopped into our fancy Audi convertible, fully armed with burgers fresh off the grill and cold drinks.






We were watching “Nightcrawler”, one of the creepiest movies I’ve seen in a long time. But at least I got to inhale a good old Magnum Mandel (because if it’s not Magnum Mandel THEN WHAT IS LIFE) and pretty much a whole year’s cinema stock of popcorn. Unpopped kernels, too. It’s pathetic, but at least I got to be pathetic in a bad-ass Audi.


Pretend-owning this car was great fun.


The Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg was the perfect location for such an event, and many people were sprawled out into the living-room style decorated containers like cats in the sun. I could’ve totally stayed for another movie in this oversized hang-out spot. I wish youth clubs looked like this – we could easily prevent juvenile crime by providing comfortable seating.

That said, we also encountered some slightly embarrassing difficulties with our Audi because we were too stupid to figure out those new and highly advanced board computers. Look, the last car I drove was a ’97 built and the only computer that worked in it was a 2nd gen iPod that had to be attached to a cassette tape, so don’t judge me. With this car, we didn’t know how to turn off the radio traffic service, so every half hour, turned on REALLY loud, a traffic newsflash was delivered to the whole audience of the Audi Urban Cinema. Also, Audis go into sleep mode after a while, so every fifteen minutes, we had to turn the radio on again. Which is cool. Back in my day, my car would just die if I listened to the radio for too long without a running engine, and I’d have to push it downhill to re-start it. Better have that sleeping mode before I embarrass myself again.



Published in cooperation with Audi.

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