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Audi Urban Cinema Recap

published on 2014-06-10 by Sara
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Last week, we gave away tickets for the temporary Audi Urban Cinema that was set up for the second time in Berlin. Many of our readers participated in the give-away, so we decided to jump on the train and see what the noise was all about.

Right next to Alexanderplatz – with a wonderful view of the Fernsehturm and an even better view of a large movie screen – stood a huge fleet of Audis in which one could enjoy the rather mediocre “Wolverine” that Friday night. But the movie wasn’t our main concern after all. The burgers, drinks, popcorn and ice cream – all enjoyed in the company of a slick ride – were way more interesting. I fell in love with the hot red R8 Spider and the A8 limousine, a battleship with built-in massage seats that picked us up and brought us back home, and I never knew that I could fall in love with anything that had four wheels…

Audi definitely knew how to stage an Urban Cinema and I’m really hoping we’ll see another round of it this summer. Thanks to Audi for inviting us over.





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