In case you’ve missed it: Yesterday’s dense fog didn’t leave any doubts that autumn has finally arrived. Upon coming home to Kreuzberg I was amazed about the city being densely covered with thick mist – an intense sight we didn’t have in a long time. The temperature dropped by six degrees within few hours, hitting bottom at a freezing point. My fingers were stiff but I was happy to take this opportunity to gather some nice impressions. I don’t want to loose many words, but enjoy for yourself how beautiful and eery the very same Oberbaumbrücke, where we used to enjoy lovely sundowns only few months ago, sat enthroned over the Spree yesterday.


Posted by:Matthias

Born and raised in Berlin, Matthias' true love lies in this city. It's a deep relationship: passionate about all the charming parts and in affectionate acceptance of what lies beyond the much lauded spots. Whenever he's not strolling through Kreuzberg or Marzahn, he plunges into art, often writing about it at Castor & Pollux.

12 thoughts on “ Autumn Mist in Kreuzberg ”

  1. Really nice photography, looks like a cool location to hang out. Super grungy and so typically Berlin! Can you recommend some underground bar’s in Neukoln where we can have a blast and the people don’t speak German?

  2. Hej Roth, thank you! Well, though I prefer the spots where the people have a multi-cultural background I reckon that after good old Times has shut down, you will want to go to O Tannenbaum, Helmut Kohl, Das Gift and the like. Anyway, you can basically go to any place in Neukölln and find an expat crowd if that’s what you’re looking for.

  3. Wooow, amazingly beautiful pictures! Is it possible to have them in a bigger format?

    Thanks in advance, cheers,

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