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“Banken In Die Schranken” Protest

published on 2011-11-25 by Sara
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The Financial Crisis has hit all around the world. Inspired by the Arabic protests of this years spring has led people to start anti-capitalist movements like the notorious Occupy Wall Street in NYC, which in effect has spread out to European cities like London and Berlin.

Although Europe has its very own financial issue to deal with, the problems always seem to be the banks and the lack of institutional control over where money goes. Two weeks ago, people were called to take part in a big unifying protest surrounding the Bundestag in Berlin. The demonstration was peaceful and we were happy to see people from all sorts of lifestyles supporting the movement and calling out for more economical fairness.

I think, to some extent, the Regierungsviertel marks a very distinct feeling of coldness which matches the spirit of the protests. The concrete, the grey colors, the not-so-subtle presence of police officers and other small details make our gouverment look stern and massive in comparison to the rest of Berlin. Especially now that it’s turning winter, the stale seriousness of the buildings make a very contrasting backdrop to the colorful and rich protesters surrounding it.

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