The Beelitz hospital is not far away from Berlin. And Beelitz, the little town you might hear of every now and then during springtime, is famous for its asparagus.

The former Beelitz Heilstätten was built in the beginning of the 20th century, back when tuberculosis was a widespread and merciless disease. Due to the need of proper lung treatment, the Heilstätten near Berlin formed the largest hospital complex of the region. It was easier to cure the disease outside of the dirty, industrialized city. There are about sixty buildings to it, all spread out over 200 hectare. Not all of them are easy to enter, and officially you’d have to book a tour. That said, we didn’t have any problems and didn’t have to climb any fences.

The area is surrounded by a magnificent forest that makes for a great walk. We were initially on a foray for mushrooms nearby when we decided to stop at the hospital. It’s amazing, to say the least. You can walk for half an hour without seeing anything, and suddenly, from between the trees and bushes rises a building. It was deserted so quickly that trees have since started growing on the roofs of the buildings.

The history of Beelitz

Beelitz became a military hospital during the first and second World Wars. The hospital is also quite known because Hitler was treated here for his WWI injuries.  And if that isn’t eerie enough: during the Nazi reign, it was also used as cage for all sorts of inhuman experiments.

While strolling through the dark and dirty hallways, with all the shattered glass on the ground and the graffiti on the walls, I imagined what it must have seemed like – only 60 years ago. It must have smelled of disinfectant, like most hospitals do.

After WWII, the hospital was taken by the Russians and became the largest Soviet military treatment facility outside of The Motherland until 1994.

The future of the Beelitz hospital buildings

When the Russians left, not many people were interested in re-investing in the building. Since most of them are monument protected, it’s going to be very costly to put the hospital back into work. There are, in fact, some small parts of the complex still used for neurological research and rehabilitation, but we didn’t pass those. The majority of the hospital has been left. Sometimes its still used – aside from terrible sounding blind goth dates [1. I heard about them on the Internet – people meeting up to have sex. If that isn’t just the creepiest idea I’ve ever heard of! ]- as filming sets.

The city has successfully sold the premises to a buyer who is allegedly trying to make a new health resort out of it, but there are no signs of progress yet. The decay is amazing to look at, but as always, abandoned buildings are never left quite alone. It’s only a question of time until nothing of the interior will remind future visitors of its function as a hospital.


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  1. Amazing pictures! On a side note: did you pick mushrooms? any suggestions for picking them in the area? How do you recognize edible ones?

  2. Hey there, well there haven’t been any mushrooms. We tried our luck but alas, no dice. It’s really not my thing to be honest and I have no idea how to recognize the edible once. I think it takes a lifetime to get good at it ;)

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