A couple of weeks ago I attended a rally whose motto “Berlin bleibt unsere Stadt” (‘Berlin remains our city’) collected a broad coalition of people and groups concerned with future developments within the city: from a basic distaste to the gentrification of the city and the damage this will do to Berlin as a creative mixing pot; to the problem of raising rents driving out poorer long-term residents of Berlin’s (now) hipper suburbs to the city’s fringes; to developments along the Spree and it’s importance as a public space; to the continuing damage by property development to the longest stretch of the Wall at the East Side Gallery; to the razing of Berlin’s Kleingartens to make way (again) for luxury apartments; to the forcible removal the people squatting at Cuvry-Brache in Kreuzberg (again for luxury apartments?); to the extension of the A-100 freeway that will cut an ugly slash through the peaceful streets of Alt-Treptow and Friedrichshain.

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