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Berlin Burger International

published on 2012-06-29 by Sara
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An inner craving for burger was seeded deep inside of me back when I was a child. My parents would never let us eat fast food except for on special occasions. So while everyone had a traditional Christmas dinner, we ended up stuck with all the other non-Christians at McD’s devouring plastic food like it was a five star meal. Don’t judge, I was eight years old then. So much for history.

In typical Berlin style, the BBI is hardly more than an Imbiss Perfect for good weather and take out. They don’t attract as many passersby as Burgermeister does so the wait is not nearly as long, but still long enough for a hungry person to go on a rampage. Or maybe that’s just me.

Update 2016:

Before the burger craze took over Berlin, BBI was also one of the few joints that produced high quality burgers in a non-pretentious environment. It’s only been a few years since the whole city turned upside down on a Burger-high, with all sorts of restaurants opening. BBI has survived the hype- surprisingly, since many better and fresher concepts have opened.

I do want to explain what “better” means in this case: while the meat and the produce are always fresh, the architecture of the BBI-burger is made to fail. Perhaps this is what people are used to when eating burgers, but I hate eating the sauce of my fingers while the meat is hanging off lose. The burger is not just each component individually – in that case, why not eat a “Burgerteller”? In fact, the burger is constructed around the vision of tasting every ingredient with every bite. I take this seriously.

BBI’s individual ingredients have been great every time I visited, but as for a burger, there are many better options today that I would always prefer over the BBI standard. One of them, for example, is Tommis Burger Joint in Mitte. But even Schillerburger, although their ingredients are hardly as good as Tommis, deliver better food. Both Schillerburger and BBI will have you waiting for a long time.

One more thing on this update: It’s possible to order burgers nowadays through various bike delivery companies. Please don’t do this to yourself. Not even the best burger can wait 10-20 minutes to be eaten. It’s just not worth it, no matter how hungover you are.

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