There is something I strongly dislike about Berlin: the cold. Actually, it’s not even the cold. It’s the duration of the cold season (which usually lasts from November to April, give or take a few weeks) in combination with the Siberian winds. So basically, you’ve got freezing temperatures and a strong gust of ice, hail and horizontal snow storms. I mean… there are nicer climates.

Nevertheless: I’ve learned to appreciate the pain, especially when the sun peeks out behind the grey skies. The cold makes everyone crave lust, life and love once spring returns. We learn to enjoy the milder months much more (at least that’s what I tell myself in order to justify my life choice of living here).

What I truly like about winter, despite freezing my hands off: the photography. There’s just something about the atmosphere that I can’t quite explain.

2 thoughts on “ Winter Spaziergang ”

  1. hello you!
    happy yoour back, and actually, well we don’t know each other but it’s funny to hear somebody else is back too, after a long journey to somewhere other than berlin….
    well, i actually feel the same way, gotta meet old friends, find job, find app, get back into the uni and stuff….
    good luck with everything… see you around :)

  2. Welcome back!! Like putting on an old, comfortable shoe, coming back to Berlin…also just got back and am also feeling a new layer of gratefulness for living here…
    Good luck with everything!

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