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Berlin Doors

About the time I lived in Friedrichshain, I remember one thing quite clearly: the abundance of frontdoors covered in graffiti. Only recently, my photographer friend David showed me an impressive series of photos he shot on a bright and sunny day whilst hunting these remarkable filthy doors of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

published on 2012-09-03 by Sara
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His idea was simple, yet intriguing: David took a walk around the neighborhood and would systematically take photos of every front door he’d encounter and that would have any signs of graffiti on or around it. Having Hipstamatic at hand, he didn’t have to bother about any developing issues and could create a big series of pictures in a short time. His collection of 152 photos of doors all over Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg quickly emerged into a series of uniform shots that conveyed an overall image of the typical Berlin door. In it’s simple and serial approach, it reminded me of our last year’s Club Door series.

However, the wealth overwhelmed me which is why I decided that these photos couldn’t waste away on David’s phone. All sorts of doors: wide doors, narrow doors, tall doors, low doors, simple one-piece doors, folding doors, wooden doors and metal doors, roll-up doors, garage doors, clean doors and most common: dirty, tagged and sprayed doors, where many people left their signs. Sometimes the doors would be that densely covered, they’d almost blend in with the facade.

enjoy this small extract from David’s splendid photo series, which you can also enjoy in its enterity and get a glimpse at his portfolio.

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