Berlin Festival 2014

I sighed my way through Berlin Festival. Moving it from Tempelhof to Arena Park ruined the speciality of it. I want to say that the makers and shakers of the three day festival have done their best (especially considering the short timing since the change was announced) to make Arena Park stand out as a place for a Festival like this (as far as I know, they had to change locations because the ever annoying Loolapalooza, another highly commercial festival without any connections to Berlin at all, took over Tempelhof).

I wouldn’t have expected the area around Club der Visionäre, the new White Trash and the Badeschiff on the Kanal to be successfully transformed into something like a festival ground, but they made it happen and I thought it was really cleverly arranged without blowing out the proportions or being too small.

That said, I couldn’t be bothered to actually listen to more than three songs live on stage. The sound was okay at best and the heat inside the buildings was catastrophic. As for the line-up… it was a collective regrouping of every band that has ever been to Berlin before in the past two years, so there was nothing too exciting about that, either. The atmosphere was off: pointless decor and a lot of branding had no effect whatsoever on a positive community spirit.