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Berlin in Snow

published on 2012-12-13 by Sara
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There is not much to say about the current weather situation. It is both fantastic (wonderful white snow landscapes and comfortable cozy get-togethers indoors are the perfect pre-Christmas warm up) and terrible (it’s cold as a mother out there, traffic is stuck all the time and if you haven’t yet landed butt first on ice then you have about 3 months left to discover this traditional Berlin winter practice).

Shit, you know why people want it to be like this over Christmas? Because they have all the excuses to hibernate properly. I mean, nobody has to go to work during the holidays, everybody can just stay at home while it’s freezing outside. THAT’S why people want snow for Christmas and not in fucking January. I mean, even though the city is dressed in white and it’s unarguably beautiful, I’d rather just not think about the upcoming mess of muddy streets and Streu everywhere. STREU AND HIDDEN DOGSHIT-MINES THAT ARE WAITING TO BE STEPPED ON!

I’d be careful about those snow angels, yo.

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