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Berlins Shortest Subway Line.

published on 2012-02-02 by Sara
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Normally the whole area around Reichstag is decidedly not our place to be. It’s a very detached, new and functional part of Berlin; re-built as the political center and somewhat of a “Central Business District”, it has a fake touch to it. Mostly, this sentiment stems from the lack of residents. You see many tourists roaming Upper East and West Side of Berlin, which adds to the feeling of displacement. I don’t mind: it keeps people in check. Tourists here, residents there.

Most of the visitors arrive at Hauptbahnhof, then travel on with the S-Bahn or probably with the shortest subway line ever – the U55 (locals also call it Kanzler-Bahn). The whole ride with this 2 wagon short subway feels unreal. On a way of 1,8 km it connects Hauptbahnhof with the Brandburg Gate and has just one more stop in between – Bundestag. Originally built as an extension of the U5 line, the tunnels and stations already had a life before traffic. Next to partys, Go-Kart races or theater it also served as the scenery for films like Resident Evil and others.

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