A new addition to the culinary food scene in Berlin is Bite Club, which took place for the first time last Friday.

Located right next to the Arena/Badeschiff and also on the Hoppetosse – a boat-club next to the riverside -, the food market focuses on street food specialties from all over the world. We found Italian sandwiches, Mexican Tacos, German Käsespätzle, Japanese Burgers and many other things. It’s a little overpriced – some of the food stalls also have “real” restaurants somewhere in the city – and usually very crowded, so it’s best to come early, before everything is sold out.

1 thought on “ Bite Club Berlin ”

  1. there was definitely not enough food for that many people!
    I have to say, I was pretty annoyed:
    – standing in line for nothing
    – the whole place was overcrowded
    – and the bar was too small for that crowd.
    Soo, I left the place pretty soon.
    Hopefully the next time it’s better organized and I’m getting food ;-)

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