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Forsthaus Strelitz
Da Jia Le
Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel

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April 2018

Wohnung tauschen in Berlin

Ein Interview mit

September 2017

RAW flea market

For people who like thrifting

July 2017

The best Berlin blogs ever

When this one doesn’t do it anymore

March 2017

Bündnis gegen Rechts

Anti-fascist protest in Mitte

January 2017

[Interview] Graffiti artist SOZI36

An exclusive for FindingBerlin

November 2016

Taborkirche Kreuzberg

Art, Music & Religion

October 2016

Soulmates Berlin

Crisis Management after Berghain

September 2016

Berlin Soup

Crowdfund your neighborhood

September 2016

Erika Mayr

Urban beekeeping

August 2016

Berlin Elections 2016

Explain Like I’m 5: The Berlin elections 2016

August 2016

Displacement in Kreuzberg

Understanding the neighborhood protests against gentrification

August 2016

Soap Boutiques

The gentrification process of SO36

July 2016

Motzstraßenfest 2016

LGBTQ Festival in Schöneberg

July 2016


Eine Zeitreise durch die Stadt