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July 2016

Berlin Bathroom Graffiti

Communicating through Berlins walls

July 2015

Posters of Berlin captures the designs & aesthetics of Berlins posters

Berlin communicates via lamp posts and walls most of the time. Whether it’s lost pets or more obscure requests, the walls of Berlin sometimes resemble ancient cave walls and their rudimental sign language. Posters, and many of them, advertising what’s going on in the city. Many times have I been stopped in my tracks to […]

April 2014

Voll Schön vs. Shine Bright

March 2014


March 2014

Küzzen aus Liebe


March 2014

#berlinkisses at Gerichtstraße

The other one is almost sweet, except it’s not: Loosely translates into “dance with me til the downfall” and it kind of sums up that Sunday morning after a visit to the Stattbad.

March 2014

Deutschland, Du Opfer

March 2014

I Really Need To …

November 2013

Berlin From Above


March 2013

Kiss the city – Graffiti messages

During the last weeks I spent long nights viewing and ordering my messed up photo archive to pick out proper shots for my new website. In that process I found quite a lot of old and interesting photos I almost forgot about. Like this series about graffiti messages I started to shoot in early 2007. Back […]

December 2012


January 2012

New York 1973

An urban art installation at Gleisdreieckpark

December 2011

Wall Murals of Berlin

photography by Marcus Werner

December 2011

Fickt Eusch Allee

A middle finger to gentrification in Kreuzberg