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Forsthaus Strelitz
Da Jia Le
Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel

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May 2017

Jan Herdlicka: Lunar

Art by Jan Herdlicka

March 2017

KINDL Center of Contemporary Art

From brewery to gallery

December 2016

Jewish Museum Berlin

Architecture transcending history

October 2016


by Jan Herdlicka

September 2016

AirSpace in Berlin

Ästhetik des Digitalen

July 2016


A summer among the peacocks

January 2016

Naturkundemuseum Berlin

A field trip to the natural science museum

December 2015

Rixdorf Christmas Market

Neukölln’s quaint old village

November 2015

Stasimuseum Berlin

A visit to the preserved offices of the GDR’s State Security.

October 2015

The Vacancy

Interim spaces are an integral part of Berlins urban development, but they’re not what they used to be.

September 2015

Bundestag Berlin

A tour through the German parliament

September 2014

Piano Salon Christophori

Listen to intimate piano concerts in Wedding

July 2012

Neukölln’s abandoned Schrebergärten

story by Matthias Planitzer, photography by Stefan Kaz

July 2012

Weißensee Rundgang 2012

Before Orania opened on the corner of Oranienstraße and Oranienplatz