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June 2018

Berlin Summer Events 2018

The best Berlin events of the upcoming months

February 2018

Berlinale 2018 Guide

For people who want to stay in the conversation

August 2017

Bread & Butter by Zalando


June 2017

Fête de la Musique 2017

Snapshots from Görli and Mauerpark

September 2016

Berlin Soup

Crowdfund your neighborhood

August 2016

Sacred Ground Festival

An intimate festival in Brandenburg

July 2016

Motzstraßenfest 2016

LGBTQ Festival in Schöneberg

December 2015

Rixdorf Christmas Market

Neukölln’s quaint old village

October 2015

Festival of Lights 2015

Berlins illuminated landmarks during the annual festival

October 2015

Berlin Against TTIP

Pictures from the 200.000 people protest

July 2015

Audi Urban Cinema 2015: Recap

On the nicest and sunniest day of the year so far, we were picked up in a silent Audi E-Tron (that cheeky driver really had us enjoy the ride) to enjoy an evening of my favorite things: hot cars, hot babes and hot popcorn! This years Audi Urban Cinema managed to surpass the 2014 event (read about […]

June 2015

Happy #GoSkateboardingDay!

I have a very special relationship to skateboarding: I tried it once and hurt myself really badly, so I decided to crawl back to my spot in the shade and keep drooling over the sweet boys who were doing tricks on the curbs. Ever since those glorious skatepark days of my hometown have passed, I […]

November 2014

Lichtgrenze: 25 Jahre Mauerfall

I really liked the idea. It was simple but symbolically effective. The effect was a bit anti-climactic, though. While we were waiting for the “big bang” with approximately 3 million other people on Oberbaumbrücke, anticipation was rising and everybody was expecting… something. You know, like Independence Day style fireworks, although we knew that none were […]

September 2014

Make Love, Not War: AXE & PEACE ONE DAY Campaign Round-Up

Remember the incredibly well done AXE Peace campaign we already reported about a while ago? The time has come to round up its achievements, which are abundant. With the Motto “Make Love, Not War”, which was prominently painted at the notorious street art corner of Falckensteinstraße, the campaign was also physically brought to life in […]